Russian origin Dhaka based fashion designer Svetlana Dubovska, has been recently curving out a new, very high fashion niche for Dhaka fashion world.

After completing technical school (in 1998) and graduating from Moscow University for Textile and Fashion (in 2004), Svetlana set up her own Joconde atelier in Dhaka, having previously worked 10 years for Italian Fashion Brand.

“With only 12 years old I have stitched first gown dress for my little sister and since then I understood my passion for creating beautiful dresses. After completing Art school 4 years education, I was hardly studying how to stitch dresses professionally almost for 10 years. Idea about opening Atelier was long time in my mind. We started purely as made to measure cloths for diplomats in Dhaka but now that we’ve grown we also offer made to order and ready to wear for wider client base. Client can come in and buy dresses off the rack; they can also look at styles and have an item made bespoke for them with fittings; or they can choose styles and have it made in different fabrics and colours without any fittings. To create a fitted piece can take 20 working days which for some is long time to wait.”

“Our clients want to feel gorgeous and different; they want to be able to wear the dresses that they buy time and time again – not for it just to be a one-off fashion piece. Coming to our JOCONDE atelier is a unique way of shopping. They will come and brose around and bring in pieces from their wardrobe so that they can try everything together and it is really useful. When you are one on one with the clients you can really understand what they want and what they need which helps me to create suitable styling for different personalities. That’s why we are taking clients only by appointment.”

Love me, wear me is our motto.

For more information: +880 17 54455505

Address: R#113, H#6a, 5th floor, Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka, Bangladesh